One Month to Pull-ups!

This is your guide to getting your first pull-ups!

This is a 4 week program that includes 3 days a week of specific training to help you build muscle and strength to achieve your first pull-up or increase your existing reps and start busting them out like a baddie!

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About the program

This program can be combined with any activities you are regularly doing as a supplement to gain strength and build those back, arm and shoulder muscles to get your pull-ups going like a boss! There are three workouts per week that should take you around 15 minutes each. They will progress each week becoming a bit more... Read more
  • 4 week program - three workouts per week
  • Each workout is around 10-15 minutes progressing each week to challenge you!
  • Bonus optional ab circuit!
  • You will need a set of resistance bands
  • You need access to a pull-up bar
  • A set of medium/heavy dumbbells is encouraged!


Week 1 Day 1
Week 1 Day 1
Week 1 Day 2
Week 1 Day 2
Back, Arms, Strength, Upper Body, All Levels
Week 1 Day 3
Week 1 Day 3
Week 2 Day 1
Week 2 Day 1
Week 2 Day 2
Week 2 Day 2

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Love this app!!! Every workout is challenging and I've had amazing results.
Beautiful, user friendly app. truly enjoying having quick access to workouts. makes reaching my goal of daily movement much easier.
Clear, strightforward, focused workouts that are enjoyable and effective.

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Set workout reminders to stay on track!

About Alicia Erickson

Online personal trainer

Health and fitness has always been a passion. When I became an empty nester in August of 2022 and started to go through menopause, I decided this was the perfect time to challenge myself to get in the best shape ever. I changed my approach by lifting 5-6 days a week and switched long cardio sessions for walking. I incr... Read more

Frequently asked questions

What makes Playbook different? How do I know it will work for me?
If you haven’t had success with other workout apps in the past, you may be skeptical about ours. But we’re here to tell you, we guarantee you’ll get the results you want with Playbook. Why? We have hundreds of experts who are ready to train you. We don’t give you one-off programs of PDF documents with no assistance. Our creators add new programs (with interactive, explanatory videos) on a daily basis. Our content is new, fresh, and ever-changing to keep you motivated and ready to work! Plus, if you need help,creators are always here for you. You can message them directly if you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to share your success.
I'm a beginner, is Playbook for me?
No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Playbook can help you succeed. Workouts and programs posted in the app are for any level of fitness. Plus, trainers walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos and simple written instructions. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely.
Do I need to purchase equipment?
It depends on the workout! Playbook has a lot of workouts that require no equipment. We also have workouts that require minimal equipment (like dumbbells or a yoga mat) and some that require weight-lifting machines. There’s something for everyone — regardless of equipment — to help you get in shape.

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