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About me

Acrobat, teacher, physical philosopher


I am a professional acrobat who originally came from a self-taught background. In addition, I have a genuine passion for the physical arts in general, so I try to study many different disciplines in order to draw inspiration from them. I have done training in gymnastics, martial arts, dance, weightlifting, circus arts, etc. In addition to being a performer and high-level athlete, I also have extensive teaching experience. I have been teaching for many years, all ages levels and backgrounds so this also gives me a unique perspective on the learning process. The content I will be sharing on this channel is not just about fitness, it’s meant to make you think a little bit more about your physical practice and help you develop new skills and attributes. To me I don’t think it’s valuable to just spin on the “hamster wheel” but rather you should try to consider how to continually improve different aspects of yourself. Investing in your own physical practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I want to help you along in the process by offering my experience and insight.


My long-term overarching goal for students is to build a greater self-awareness and increased understanding of their own learning process. Short term goals will be things like learning new skills, getting stronger, faster, more flexible, etc. t This will serve as the vehicle towards building the long-term goal. Basically I’m not trying to spin your wheels with these workouts. I want to get you to feel better, move better, and enjoy learning new things.

Training Requirements

I generally try to prioritize training that involves either no equipment or very minimal equipment. I might use a pull-up bar on occasion. For my mobility work, I might use stuff like rubber bands or a broomstick. I love the gymnastics rings as well. I think they are a super versatile tool and I will be including workouts with those also.


Performed as an acrobat on the Las Vegas strip and Broadway, published author, have taught seminars all over the world, I’ve been teaching physical arts since 2005

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