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Plant Based Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

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We are thriive 🌱 Since meeting in 2018, we’ve shared a passion for health and fitness. We believe in creating healthy, sustainable and enjoyable habits that are aligned to your goals. The future is plant based! 🌱 While opting for a plant based diet is much more ethical and sustainable for our animals and the planet, it has also been shown to be the most healthy diet - with evidence to show how a whole foods plant based diet can improve your health, help with obesity and treat and even reverse some major health conditions. That’s why we focus on eating a 100% plant based and mostly whole foods diet. Food is fuel and the preventative, natural medicine we need to help keep us fit and healthy for the rest of our lives! 💪🏼 We also offer separate 1-1 online coaching for that more hands on personal coaching. Send us a message if you’re looking to enquire. 🤍


Our goal is to motivate you! Call us your little pocket coach 🤜🤛 Whether that’s to workout at home or in the gym, or try some new plant based meals. We’re going to be here every week with new routines, recipes & more. You can always message us for support with form, exercise adjustments, food queries etc!

Training Requirements

Each week we are going to bring you a mixture of home workouts, gym workouts, body weight workouts, stretch and mobility routines, recipes, food diary’s… you name it, we’ve got it covered! Our aim is to make this accessible for everyone so if you feel we’re missing something, feel free to reach out & let us know!


Between us we have 10+ years of training experience, qualifications in Personal Training and have been eating plant based for 2 years.

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