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/Handstand 2.0

W6/D2: Handstand Conditioning

5.0|45 min|3 comments
Circuit 1: + Banded shoulder press 3 x 12 + Wall assisted tuck handstand slides 3 x 8 ... more


Annie 3mo ago
We did it! I love these drills so I’m excited that we got to revisit these for the last work out. Thanks T!
Sky 3mo ago
Ahhh I can't believe it!!!! Finished the last workout - modified a bit due to space/tight shoulders, but feeling so thrilled and happy with how this challenge went. Thank you so so much Little T!!!!! 😍☀️💪💛
Alana 3mo ago
Sad to finish the last challenge workout today but I know I will come back to these conditioning ones again and again!

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