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W3/D4: Upper Body

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Upper Body
Follow Along Warm Up Workout: A1: DB chest press 4 x 10-12 A2: hand release pushups 4 x 10 B1: Kneeling Landmine press 4 x 12 B2: Plate front raises 4 x 12 C1: DB shoulder press 3 x 10-12 C2: DB iso lateral raises 3 x 12 (each side) D2: DB Arnold shoulder press 3 x 10 D3: DB OH tricep extensions 3 x 15 Core: Iso bicycle crunches 3 x 15 (each side) Leg raises 3 x 20 90-90 crunches 3 x 15 Plank seasaw 3 x 10 Follow Along Cool Down


candice 7mo ago
Another awesome workout! I consider myself to have a strong upper body and since boxing for many years look toned and strong in my arms and back and shoulders. But jeeeez! Months of neglecting my upper body and focussing on predominately legs I was reminded how weak it had become. I had to shut up my ego and opt for lighter weights. Was worth it though, I feel strong now!
allison 1y ago
Those supersets 🔥🔥🔥
Chris 1y ago
Super set after super set is one way to kill a man😵
Fabi 1y ago
Those landmine presses!! 😅

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