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Circuit 1: - Rockets 3 x 10-12 - Box tuck-stand 3 x 2 (10 second hold each side) ... more


Indigo 23d ago
I did not finish this one. I wish there was better instructions on different poses so to make sure we're not going to hurt our wrists and back. I have wrist pain and not knowing how to properly do these moves make me feel unsure and discouraged to continue. You are so wonderful and I'd love to train with you although the app overall is missing cohesion and instructions. The fact that we have to stop in between each set to close the tab and open the next set cause interruption in the flow plus there's no voice instructions so we have to fully stop to read what to do while there are missing details. In the section or providing notes also there's no scroll down so if I type more that two sentence I cannot see the text I'm typing nor I can bring the bracket down to where my note ends. I believe these are mostly the app problems and the way things are put together and I understand improving the app is not easy to do but I really hope to see some improvements at some point. I'm on trial month and unfortunately I don't think I'll continue since the app is not really user friendly although I deeply wished I could train with you in a better circumstances. Thank you for all the inspirations so far. Best.
Alexandra 1mo ago
With the box ils complicated to do rest the leg in the air. Do you have Any advice to success this exercise please ?
Louise 3mo ago
I rated three stars because I chose to stop because of wrist pain. Somewhat too intense for beginners in handstansa
Claudia 3mo ago
Third time doing this routine and I got better, now forward to week three 😁
Stephanie 3mo ago
Wow such amazing drills!💯🔥

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