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Prehab & Rehab Tutorials

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The following tutorials will take you through exercises and provide key information to help with prehab and rehab for ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. For any additional questions directly message me so I can help more !...Β more


Nikki β€’ 19d ago
Super helpful! It's a must to watch through to insure you're getting the most out of your work out and the best health/body possible.
Izchel β€’ 7mo ago
Amazing! Very important to know all this mobility exercises and remind our body the need to release tension from our daily activities
Austin β€’ 8mo ago
Isabella β€’ 10mo ago
Hi, super helpful videos! I wish you could do one for the elbows as well! 😊 F. ex. pain from glofers and tennis elbow and struggeling to extend the elbow to get a straight arm. That would be super helpful!