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Killa Core Routine

4.9|12 min|23 comments
This core routine is no JOKE! Time to take your core to the next level with this routine! You can do this with bodyweight or even add light weights to make it even harder! Focus on slow tempo and always activating your core (... more


Sonali 2mo ago
Yes it is as it promises, a Killa routine. I did this post a equipment free quads & glutes session and it capped it nicely
Paulina 2mo ago
Putting some abs workouts that doesn’t have a lot of impact in the lower back 🥺🤎
Brookie 3mo ago
Kelsey 4mo ago
Great ab burn 👍
Demi 4mo ago
Star crunches’ rest time was set at 0 sec. If that was not intentional maybe that can be fixed 😆. Great workout combo!! 🫶🏽

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