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6-Minute Core Routine

4.9|5Β min|75 comments
50 seconds each exercise 10 seconds rest


Trevan β€’ 1mo ago
Great guidance
Antonia β€’ 3mo ago
Loved that! I am so thankful for you talking us through, because your background and knowledge is obviously immensely and so it is so helpful to learn from you! Thank you!πŸ₯°Even though it was tough πŸ˜…
Christa β€’ 3mo ago
Love the follow along workout. Short and easy to follow (even as a beginner). I like that I don't have to go to my phone everytime after one exercise to go to the next one, put just play and follow along :-)
Sarah β€’ 4mo ago
Loved it. Got my core on πŸ”₯!!
Heather β€’ 4mo ago
I keep messing this up, This is supposed to be a 5 Star rating

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