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Welcome! A short video to help you orient yourself to the app! Enjoy!


Je’Naun 2d ago
so informative <3
Sylwia 17d ago
Ahhh finally I know something! Great intro for a total beginner, I would love to see more guidance for people who are 100% green and do t understand the terminology etc but I now have a starting point so thank you so much! Namaste
Sylwia 17d ago
Can you please provide clear directions for 100% new beginners where to start and how to progress via your app? Thank you
Kat 21d ago
You app and what you offer is too good to be true! Incredible, and I’m so grateful 🙏
Karah 23d ago
I’ve been revisiting the essentials and can’t wait to dive into the Bandhas soon! 🙏