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Journey to One Legged King Pigeon Pose

4.9|30 min|11 comments
Open level, 30 minute, journey to. Practice next to wall


Francesca 12h ago
Thank you Talia, I am so improved since I've started practicing with you. Thank you for your devotion, dedication, passion. With love ❤️
Ana 1d ago
Emily 2d ago
Great class! I loved the pace. I only wished we would’ve practiced the full expression off the wall. I appreciate you so so much Talia. Thank you. 🥰
Rita 2d ago
I really liked the fast pace and effectiveness of this one 🙂 it went straight to the point! I’ll do it again, especially to open up the hip flexors after sitting at the desk the whole day 🤍🙏🏽 thank you, Talia 💫
Hadar 3d ago
It was a little bit too fast for me especially in the beginning

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