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Journey to King Cobra

5.0|72 min|28 comments
Intermediate 72 minute class to help you work towards King Cobra. Practice by a wall


Newsha 1mo ago
One of my favorites 🤩❤️ thank you so much
Sarah 3mo ago
This is a class I love coming back to. It is so challenging. It makes me use my imagination and as I do the asana I get stronger and the asana that I once thought were impossible start becoming more and more possible.🙏🏼
Sarah 3mo ago
Today I felt my hair in King Cobra. I got emotional. I have worked so hard on this asana and I have have had my moments of doubt but I put all of my effort into the posture and found space I didn’t know I had.🕉
Antonia 3mo ago
So inspiring to watch and experience you, teaching someone. I feel like you are „the observer“ we try to find and develop through this practice🤍🙏🏻
Eloise 5mo ago
This is amazing 🙏 Felt incredible after. Namaste 💜

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