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Journey to Kapotasana

5.0|75 min|10 comments
74 minutes, intermediate, Backbending


Francesca 4d ago
My first ever attempt to Kapotasana and I felt so safe and supported. Definitely still a long way to go, but will keep practicing with you Talia! Thank you as always for your wise and loving guidance.
Elena 17d ago
Amazing 🤍 a practice that makes approachable a posture that is really intimidating for me. I feel that I arrive to the peak stable and well prepared in my body, as always in your classes. Thank you
Sarah 22d ago
Obsessed with this class. So much knowledge and intention. I am so excited to revisit this journey. Much needed addition to the library! 🕉☮️💟☯️
Fernanda 23d ago
Divine class!! Thank you so much!!😍😍😍
Emily 23d ago
Watching you is so mesmerizing. Thank you for the amazing class❤️ you make the process so much more illuminating✨

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