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1 - Standing Still

4.9|5 min|40 comments


Somya 8d ago
🥰 superb
Karah 5mo ago
Namaste 🙏
Karah 5mo ago
There’s so much focus in just standing still! 🙏
Anuradha 5mo ago
Very elaborative
Chanell 7mo ago
I have an interesting thought on how I would like to explore this series. My goal is to practice this sequence for 1 year. But to ease into it, take one pose at a time. Day 1: standing still for the entirety of the 60 mins class. And just observe the class and movements. Day 2: standing still and pranayama Each day following along and incorporate the next pose… not sure why I feel called to do this but I think it may be fun! Will keep you updated

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