Baby Steps

Your postpartum movement and ab rehab journey!

In this 3 month journey, you will ease your way back into gentle postpartum movement and gradually improve and transform your pelvic floor and deep core strength to feel like yourself again after going through the most incredible thing the human body can endure - creating and giving life <3


About Steph Townes

Approachable Strength Training Beyond Group Workouts

I am so excited to make the world of strength training more affordable and less intimidating. I come from a background of many years of CrossFit & Group Fitness Training and I never saw the results I was looking for - but mainly because those workouts were not customized to my goals. I decided later in my fitness journey to become certified as a personal trainer and go off on my own. I am here to make that transition as easy as possible for you, too!

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About the program

Welcome to the Baby Steps Program! You just did the most incredible thing the human body can do and you should be so, so proud of yourself. The goal of this program is to take all of the guesswork out of keeping yourself active post-birth (which is SO important!). The best news? You don't have to worry about sacrificing any minute of precious newborn time, as these workouts are designed to be completed from start to finish before that sweet babe even wakes up from a nap! Custom designed with new mothers in mind, this comprehensive program is crafted to guide you through 90 days of intentional and empowering steps towards reclaiming your strength, vitality, and well-being. Embark on a holistic wellness adventure that goes beyond traditional workout routines. "Baby Steps" is not just a fitness program; I want this to be a supportive community where postpartum women come together to rebuild, rejuvenate, and rediscover their strength. Having a newborn can be taxing on the body, and it’s so important for YOU to feel confident and strong for them! Here’s What to Expect: Gentle Beginnings & Breath Work (Weeks 1-4): Our journey kicks off with a focus on postpartum recovery, gentle movement, and breathing exercises. Learn to nurture your body, engage in mindful exercises, and establish a foundation for the transformative weeks ahead, while bonding with your newborn. Building Strength and Stamina (Weeks 5-8): As you progress, the program evolves to rebuild your strength and stamina. Through carefully curated exercises, you'll discover your body's resilience, gradually enhancing your fitness levels in a safe and sustainable manner. Ab Rehab & Endurance (Weeks 9-12): The final phase is all about increasing your strength and endurance in preparation for a life of active well-being post baby. Engage in functional movements, set personal fitness goals, and integrate newfound strength into your daily activities. I'm so proud of you for embarking on this healing journey!
  • Month 1 - Reconnecting to your breath & introduce gentle movements
  • Month 2 - Rebuild your strength & stamina
  • Month 3 - Ab rehab & endurance

Unique and custom built workouts

Whether you're in the mood for an ab circuit, Animal Flow, Sculpt & Tone, or if you simply dont want to leave your couch/bed, there will be workout options for any mood or energy level. Here are a couple sneak peeks of workouts you can expect to see in the program!

Frequently asked questions

How long after giving birth can I start this program?
If you did not have a C-section and did not experience any major complications during childbirth, you are welcome to begin gentle movement within days of giving birth. The first month of this program is heavily focused on reconnecting to your diaphragmatic breath, deep core and re-establishing your mind<>muscle connection. It is super important to begin the rehab work of strengthening your core as soon as you feel up to it - not only to speed up the healing process but also to be stronger for your baby!
How long are the workouts? Being a mom is a full-time job.
These workouts range from 20 mins or less during the first month, ~25-30 mins during month 2, and 30-40 mins during month 3
Will I need equipment?
You will need access to a pilates ball, pilates ring, slider discs, dumbbells & a kettlebell
Will I have access to a community of other moms?
YES! There will be a community where you can chat and share your experience with anyone else going through the program <3

Glowing 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Love this app!!! Every workout is challenging and I've had amazing results.
Beautiful, user friendly app. truly enjoying having quick access to workouts. makes reaching my goal of daily movement much easier.
Clear, strightforward, focused workouts that are enjoyable and effective.

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