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About me

Muscle Building, Condition & Form Coach

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Hi. I’m Steven Goldsmith, I am in my early 40’s & I’m in the best shape of my life! Here’s why: For 20 years I was a professional musical theatre performer in NYC, so I know what it takes to maintain a functional, healthy & strong body, able to sustain 8 shows/wk. But my energy output also included auditions, taking dance classes, weight lifting; running all over NYC. When this is your work, you MUST learn proper maintenance. Excellent nutrition, conditioning, stretching & exercising outside of your on stage professional life are imperative. It makes you stronger for your performances which include dancing, singing, acrobatics, & much more. I lived the life of an elite athlete & sustained more injuries than I care to admit because of this active lifestyle: herniated discs in my lumbar spine, torn labrum & glute tendons, slipped disc in my cervical spine, broken ankle w/3 surgeries, broken forearm, broken wrist, bursitis in my shoulders, severe tendinitis in my knees, tennis elbow, shin splints, etc. You name it, I’ve prob experienced it...so when I transitioned to fitness full time I knew I had a LOT of insight to offer, because these setbacks never made me give up! Depression and anxiety have also been a struggle of mine throughout my life. Staying active and fit...that’s what’s saved me and kept me going. My goal as a fitness professional is to transform lives and help YOU! I am an NASM CPT, I teach indoor cycling and boot camp classes at Equinox and Flywheel full time, I have a large roster of private clients, and I am a stickler for form. Form is the only way I’ve been able to stay consistent without doing more damage to my body than my performing career already bestowed upon me. I know I can positively impact your life so I hope you will let me guide you on YOUR journey to a stronger, healthier, happier, more sustainable you!


My playbook will help you gain lean muscle mass & strength, guide you on proper form, and inspire you to be your best self.

Training Requirements

Standard gym access: The way to build lean muscle mass is to add load to your body, so you need weights. Bodyweight/limited gym equipment: Exercises you can do on the go or when you travel.


•NASM CPT •Flywheel Master Instructor •Equinox group fitness instructor •Indoor cycling and boot camp instructor (4+ years) •Large private client roster (6+ years) •Professional stage actor, dancer & singer (20+ years)

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