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Steve WeatherfordSteve Weatherford

Workout | Joker's Wild 🃏

5.0|45 min|2 comments
Grab a deck of cards. Shuffle them. Pick 4 exercises from the list below and assign them to a suite of card ♥️♠️♦️♣️ Pick a card - that is the number of reps you are to do, along with the exercise (i.e. if hearts = Burpees an... more


Pamela 10mo ago
Awesome workout. Just comments in the app itself: I figured out to swipe left( from right to left) for the next exercise but It was not intuitive of how to mark each exercise complete and if I complete each exercise separately without swiping it completes and takes me back to the main dashboard. I hope this is feedback that will help from a beta perspective. I love it though and I love the celebration at the end!
Ford 1y ago

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