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Week 3 Day 1 - Glutes + Hamstrings

5.0|65 min|6 comments
Try increasing your weight the exercises - you’re stronger than you think, push yourself👏🏼


Catie 9d ago
Love this leg day. I think it would be helpful to detail the instructions a tad more. Like on the BSS for a glute day, we should be hinging forward slightly right? I feel them in my quads the most!
Alexus 10d ago
I’ve upped my weight on some! I’m still having a hard time with RDLs. I start with no weight/little weight on the smith machine bar & I feel the exercise in all the right spots. But when I up the weight just a little I feel like I don’t feel it?? I feel like the no weight is too easy so idk what to do
Alice 2mo ago
Such a good work out!
Macy 2mo ago
Hammys are shakin🤌🏼
Alysa 3mo ago
I can already feel myself getting stronger as the weeks go on!

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