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Sophia PanellaSophia Panella
/Luteal Phase

Full Body Workout

4.9|20 min|12 comments


Courtney 3w ago
Running behind today and this was perfect! Sweating more than I expected!💪🔥🥵
Carli 1mo ago
Loved this! Was feeling unmotivated for the gym today as I’m in the thick of my luteal phase and this was perfect to get me moving!
Brooke 1mo ago
Great luteal phase workout!
Alexys 3mo ago
SOPHIA!!! I swear I go into each workout thinking, “this doesn’t look like it’ll be anything crazy.” I’m actually drenched after this one. Feeling good👏🏻💖
Ashleigh 6mo ago
It was my first day back in the gym in almost 6 months, in thick of my literal phase and this felt awesome!

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