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PDB Week 5 Day 1

4.8|30 min|1 comment
Welcome to Week 5 of Project DadBod! Now we are going from full body workouts each day to upper body / lower body days. This should allow you to push heavier weights as you now have more time to recover between training the same muscle again. Let’s get strong 💪 If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me so that I know how I can best serve you🙏 Also, be sure to tag me @SeanGarner on Instagram and use the hashtag #ProjectDadBod so that I can keep up with your progress👊👍 Go crush it and become the fit dad your family needs! Have an AWESOME day and talk soon!


Wendell 3y ago
I loved the exercise combination! Leg day must be coming. 😆

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