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PDB Week 1 Day 1

4.7|30 min|29 comments
Welcome to Project DadBod! I am looking forward to seeing how you transform your body over the next 6 weeks and beyond! These workouts are designed to be done in less than 30min so stay moving. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me so that I know how I can best serve you🙏 Also, be sure to tag me @SeanGarner on Instagram and use the hashtag #ProjectDadBod so that I can keep up with your progress👊👍 Go crush it and become the fit dad your family needs! Have an AWESOME day and talk soon!


Jai 11mo ago
Sinnyeom 1y ago
Loved it been awhile since I worked out. This is a very good course to get back into shape starting at 260lbs. Let’s see how much I will weigh by the end of this program. Thanks
Siobhan 1y ago
Been a while. Felt great
Steve 2y ago
Great start to get back in shape.
Shilpa 2y ago
Hi Sean, I was not clear with the number of reps for the squats, push ups, front planks, - Do we do 2 times 15 push ups followed by 30 sec break and then do that again ? Or is it just 15 push ups, 30 sec break and then again 15 push ups?

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