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PDB Week 1 Day 1

4.7|30 min|25 comments
Welcome to Project DadBod! I am looking forward to seeing how you transform your body over the next 6 weeks and beyond!... more


Shilpa 3mo ago
Hi Sean, I was not clear with the number of reps for the squats, push ups, front planks, - Do we do 2 times 15 push ups followed by 30 sec break and then do that again ? Or is it just 15 push ups, 30 sec break and then again 15 push ups?
Steve 8mo ago
Amazing - first step to getting my physical health back.
Rachel 9mo ago
Just getting back into working out as a dad. So far so good! Difficult enough I feel like I'm doing good but not so hard that I want to give up!
Michael 10mo ago
Alternatives to dumbbells
Anonymous 1y ago
Awesome!!! Thank you so much!

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