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W3/D1 Squat

4.9|60 min|3 comments
Today's primary focus movement is the barbell squat. You'll notice that your rep count decreases. This is to allow you to warm up with lighter weight and slowly add. Each time the reps decrease challenge yourself to add weight. You end with 3 sets of 5 reps. Work up to the heaviest sets of five you can while maintaining your form. As you begin to work through your accessory movements, remind yourself to choose a weight that can can barely manage to reach the given rep count with. For example, if you are doing 8 reps of your hip thrust and you aren't struggling with that last rep- add more weight for the next set. You're always aiming within two reps of the given rep count. If you are aiming for 8 but can make it to 10- do it. If you only make it to 6, good on you for pushing that weight!


Maddie 2y ago
Starting week 3 over and I was able to move up in my squat weight much faster! I feel my legs getting stronger
Maddie 2y ago
I FINALLY HIT 135 AGAIN after I screwed up my knee
Aida 2y ago
Yassss bootee on FIYAH 🔥🔥🍑🔥🔥

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