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W1/D1 Leg Day

5.0|60 min|8 comments
When working with minimal equipment- you’re either going to be challenging yourself through weight or through tempo. For example- if the 20’s are getting easy for you, if you have the ability to you will be going up in weight. However- if you don’t have the weight, you’ll start to slow down the eccentric (the stretching) part of the movement as needed.


Hannah 5mo ago
Very good workout! But very sore!!
Ra 5mo ago
I can FEEL the pump!
Joy 5mo ago
This is exactly what I needed to kickstart my new fitness routine. Looking forward to Day 2! I do want to confirm that I am correct to enter the total weight when using two dumbbells (ie when using two 20 lb dumbbells I should enter 40 lbs)?
Stephanie 1y ago
Lisa 2y ago
It was challenging but fun! I am 4 months pp so I’m trying to get my body back, but trying to be a hot mama!

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