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W8/D3 - Deload

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A. Warm-up x 2 Sets A1. Mountain climber x 20 reps A2. Kneeling thoracic twists x 5/side A3. Down dog foot pedal x 10 reps A4. Cobra pose hold x 20 sec A5. Bodyweight split squat x 10/side A6. Prisoner good morning x 10 reps A7. Banded pass-throughs x 8 reps B. 3 Sets B1.Dumbbell RDL x 10 reps @ RPE 7 *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets C. 3 Sets C1. Inverted row on barbell (or TRX/rings) x 10-15 reps C2. Incline push-ups on bar/smith machine x 10-15 reps *Rest 30-60 seconds between sets D. 3 Sets D1. Single plate (or light dumbbell) walking lunges x 12 reps D2. Bodyweight walking lunges x 12 reps D3. Alternating birddog x 10 reps, slow and controlled (5/side) *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets *don’t go super heavy here. Use ~25# plate E. 3 Sets E1. Elevated plank dumbbell row x 10 reps/arm *Rest 60 seconds between sets *Don’t go too heavy here, focus on form and keeping your hips/shoulders square and core tight. F. 3 Sets F1. Dumbbell strict press x 8 reps @ RPE 7-8 F2. Dumbbell concentration curls x 10-12/arm *Rest 45 seconds between sets G. 2 Sets G1. Goblet spanish squat x 10 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets H. 2 Sets H1.Banded TKE’s x 15-20/leg *Rest 30 seconds between sets I. Optional core x 3 sets I1. Hollow body hold x 30 seconds I2. Hip airplane x 3/side (grab onto something if needed, but try to use as little assistance as possible)


Jennifer 11d ago
It was a great full body workout 🏋️‍♂️ thank you 😊

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