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Sarah HerseSarah Herse
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W8/D2 - Deload

5.0|60 min
A. Warm-up x 3 Sets A1. No push-up burpee x 5 reps A2. Standing twists x 10 reps A3. Bodyweight kang squat x 10 reps A4. Downdog to plank x 5 reps A5. Down dog foot pedal x 10 reps Note: this final week will be somewhat of a deload so it should feel easier on the body. The goal is to get a little recovery, then you can repeat this program or move on to a different one. Congrats on making it to the end! B. 4 Sets B1.Dumbbell bench press x 8-10 reps @ RPE 7 *Rest 60 seconds between sets C. 3 Sets C1. Dumbbell hip thrust x 15 reps C2. Incline push-ups on bench x 10-15 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets D. 3 Sets D1. Plank dumbbell rows* x 10 reps D2. Superman lifts x 10 lifts *Rest 60 seconds between sets *use a light to moderate weight. Focus on keeping the core tight as you perform the row. E. 3 Sets E1. Dumbbell overhead press to tricep extension x 10 reps E2. Dumbbell overhead march in place x 10 reps, slow & controlled *Rest 45-60 seconds between sets F. 3 Sets F1. Single leg dumbbell RDL x 10/leg *Rest 60 seconds between sets *Use a light to moderate weight. Focus on balance and form. G. 3 Sets (Optional core & glutes) G1. Lemon squeezers x 10 reps G2. Clamshell with mini band x 10-20/side *Rest 30 seconds between sets

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