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Sarah HerseSarah Herse
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5.0|60 min
A. Warm Up x 3 Sets A1. Leg swings x 10/side A2. Inchworm push-up x 5 reps A3. Air squats x 10 reps A4. Mountain climbers (heel to hand) x 10 reps A5. Down dog to plank x 5 reps B. 4 Sets B1. Barbell (or dumbbell) back squat x 10 reps *Rest 90 seconds between sets *Try to increase weight from last week C. 4 Sets C1. Half kneeling Arnold Press (single arm) x 12-15 reps C2. Banded bicep curl x 20-23 reps *Rest 45 seconds between sets *Using the same weight from week 2, try to add an additional 1-3 reps D. 4 Sets D1. Rear foot elevated dumbbell RDL x 10/side *Rest 45 seconds between sets E. 4 Sets E1. Dumbbell pullover x 12 reps E2. Banded pullover x 10-15 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets *Immediately after you finish your dumbbell pullover, go into the banded pullover F. Finisher F1. Incline (or regular) push-ups Accumulate 65-80 quality reps as quickly as possible. (Try to add reps from last week) *If you cannot do 8 quality regular push-ups unbroken, then do these at an incline. Make sure your chest touches the ground (or incline surface) on every rep. Break these into as many sets as needed. G. 4 Sets (optional calves) G1. Dumbbell calf raises on plates x 12-25 reps Rest 60 seconds between sets

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