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5.0|60 min
A. Warm-up x 2 Sets A1. Mountain climber x 20 reps A2. Kneeling thoracic twists x 5/side A3. Down dog foot pedal x 10 reps A4. Cobra pose hold x 20 sec A5. Bodyweight split squat x 10/side A6. Prisoner good morning x 10 reps A7. Banded pass-throughs x 8 reps Note: this week increase intensity where noted or where you feel comfortable. You should be getting adjusted to the workouts so going closer to failure is OK, as long as form stays solid. B. 4 Sets B1. Barbell (or dumbbell) RDL 2 x 12 2 x 10 *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets *use the same weight you finished at last week for first 2 sets, then increase weight for the last 2 sets C. 4 Sets C1. Pull-up negative* x 4 reps C2.Reverse grip incline push-ups x 8-15 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets *Add a band if you cannot control the negative on your own D. 4 Sets D1. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat x 8/side *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets *On first set go very light (or use only bodyweight) then increase to a moderate weight for remaining sets. If you struggle with these, you can stick with the split squats from week 1. E. 3 Sets E1. Barbell bent over row x 10-12 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets F. 4 Sets F1. Dumbbell strict press x 6 Dumbbell alternating overhead press x 10 reps (5/arm) F2. Crossbody hammer curl x 18 reps (9/arm) *Rest 45 seconds between sets *Use the same weight for the first 2 movements and perform unbroken. Then grab a lighter set for your bicep curls. G. 3 Sets G1. B-stance parallel goblet squat x 10-12 reps/leg *Rest 60 seconds between sets H. Optional abs H1. 4 Rounds - Bench crunches x 10 - Ab roll-ups x 10 - Flutter kicks x 30 *Rest 30 sec b/w rounds

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