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Sarah HerseSarah Herse
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5.0|60 min
A. Warm-up - x 2 sets A1. Down dog to up dog x 5 reps, slow and controlled A2. Kneeling thoracic twists x 5/side A3. Push-up negative x 3 reps A4. Bodyweight split squat x 10/leg A5. Banded good morning x 15 reps A6. Weighted YTLs x 6 reps Note: this week increase intensity where noted or where you feel comfortable. You should be getting adjusted to the workouts so going closer to failure is OK, as long as form stays solid. B. 4 Sets B1. Bench press (barbell or dumbbell) x 10-12 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets *see if you can add reps using the same weight as last week. Stop 1 rep shy of failure and use a spotter if needed! C. 4 Sets C1. Barbell (or dumbbell) hip thrust 4 x 12 reps - heavy! *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets D. 4 Sets D1. Inverted row on bar (or using rings/TRX**) x 12 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets **Adjust body position to increase/decrease difficulty. If you don’t have any of this equipment, stick with dumbbell/banded bent over rows E. 4 Sets E1. Dumbbell overhead tricep extensions x 10-12 reps E2. Dumbbell lateral raises x 10-12 reps *Rest 45-60 seconds between sets F. 4 Sets F1. Med ball/stability ball/slider* hamstring curls x 8-20 reps *Rest 60 seconds between sets *any equipment that allows you to do hamstring curls works here. Go for as many reps as you can, stopping a couple shy of failure. If you don’t have any equipment that works for this, stick with the single-leg foot elevated glute bridge G. 3 Sets (Optional core & glutes) G1. Dumbbell overhead sit-ups x 10-18 reps G2. Banded lateral monster walks x 20/side *Rest 30 seconds between sets

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