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Follow my workouts
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About me

Fitness Trainer / Powerbuilder

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Samantha grew up with a very strong background in fitness.💪 She began weight training and becoming very serious with fitness 8 years ago. Sam quickly started turning heads and getting other people inspired with her physique and work ethic which quickly gave her a strong client base in New York City 🏙 Samantha was always looking for the next challenge and decided to begin competing in bodybuilding competitions👙 She quickly became Nationally Qualified and soon after, conquered a dream and turned into an IFBB Pro🏆 This is when she knew she could do anything she put her mind to and one day in her off season, she decided to take on a new challenge and began training for strength. Sam became very strong because of her dedication to her strength goals and worked up to a 360 lb squat (her favorite lift). She will continue to strive for more and has immense knowledge in powerbuilding. Samantha now wants to help people from all over the world 🌎 reach their dreams and fitness goals since she has extensive experience in ALL areas of fitness no matter what the goal of the individual is. She can and she will help you reach whatever goal that is. Samantha is advanced and requires all of her clients to put in the effort… so get ready to work, because Samantha knows the only way to reach your goals is by working damn hard for them. 💯😏


My goal is to make you STRONG both physically and mentally. All it takes is consistency and dedication to transform your body and improve your life and I will help you do that. Together, we will build muscle, lose body fat, improve confidence and form healthy habits to achieve sustainable results that will last you a lifetime.

Training Requirements

My gym workouts require access to gyms! My home workouts require bands and a chair!


I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, IFBB Pro and won NYC’s hottest trainer in 2015 after entering into a competition.

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