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Week 4 Day 2 - Arms & Abs

5.0|30 min|21 comments
Week 4 Day 2 How are you feeling SWS Squad? UNSTOPPABLE!🔥🎉💪🏽 You’re almost at the finish line! You Got this NO ONE Will take it from you✨ Let’s get after this day, Tone & Sculpt Tuesday’s! Targeting Specifically Arms & Abs To Become Stronger And More Lean. Say Bye Bye To Flab And Hello To Muscle! Don’t Forget☺️📣 SHARE YOUR RESULTS ON IG!📣📣 Make Sure To Tag Me & #SWSSquad For A Chance To Get Featured On My Page✨👏🏽 I Want To Cheer You On During Your Fitness Journey💕✨👏🏽 You have 4 Rounds: 7 Exercises 50 Seconds of Work 15 Second Break 1 Minute Break In-between Each Circuit. Have Fun & Create The Best Version of yourself!


Alison 4y ago
Ugh my arms are on fire!!
Marisela 4y ago
This was the most challenging workout! Had to do some modifications...was going to give up but pushed through all 4 rounds! I’m dead! 💪🏽😩
Celeste 4y ago
Natalie 4y ago
Eneida 4y ago
Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further hearing your push me got me through... I am feeling stronger and energize as the days go bye...

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