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Week 1 Day 1- Total Body

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Monday’s Focus Is Total Body Attack: Arms Legs Core Glutes Cardio Beginners: 1-2 Rounds Intermediate: 2-3 Rounds Advance: 4 Rounds 7 Exercises 50 Seconds of Work 15 Second Break I love to start the week with a bang and that’s why I created Meltdown Monday’s so you can focus on your entire body! 1 Minute Break In-between Each Circuit. Have Fun & Create The Best Version of yourself!


Gina 3y ago
A kick @$$ workout! Literally.
Megan 3y ago
Took a break since the hubby deployed and the kiddos just don’t give me time 😭😭 but I decided to start back up TODAY And feel ah may zing. Now if only I can remind myself To eat 😅
Mrstlaguna 3y ago
Girrrlll, omg ! This was a great workout 💪🔥 love it🥵🤪!
Brittany 3y ago
If Samantha didn’t cheer me on I would have quit but her energy pushes you to continue. Her modifications are just as challenging but I love it! Thank you Queen for motivating me!!
Andrea 3y ago
Woo they always kick my butt in the best way!😬🥵💪🏾

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