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Week 11 Friday

5.0|45 min
Stretches I know this sounds crazy, but you don't want to stretch too much. The hormones produced during pregnancy (mostly the hormone Relaxin) make women's joints and ligaments more at risk for injury as they adjust to the new center of gravity. This time of adjustment for the body is a time when the back and pelvis can be vulnerable to possible strain and injury. If you stick to these simple warm-up movements, you will be ready to roll with the workouts! Let's get started! Be sure to use the videos below to reference proper form and posture! Set 1 (5 Rounds) 10-Jumping Jacks 10-Reverse Flys 10-Dumbbell Squats Set 2 (5 Rounds) 10-Waiter Carry Lunges (5 each leg) 10- Dumbbell Rows  (5 each arm) 10- Curtsy Leg Squats (5 each leg)

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