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W1/D1 Week 1 Monday

4.8|30 min|4 comments
Stretches I know this sounds crazy, but you don't want to stretch too much. The hormones produced during pregnancy (mostly the hormone Relaxin) make women's joints and ligaments more at risk for injury as they adjust to the n... more


Maria 3mo ago
I enjoyed it but it's kind of confusing because am used to following like 3x10 or something along those lines per excersise and this one doesn't do that so I have to do it on my own way and add notes under each excersise.
Lauren 1y ago
I needed to find something other than cycling for this 2nd pregnancy. My endurance never got back to where it was before my first and I was finding it really hard to do anything on my bike! I’m really hoping this can help me get some movement in and then I’ll get back to my bike when this pregnancy is over!
Sarah 2y ago
So great, enough of an elevated heart rate but not too kuch
Stephanie 4y ago
Wow! Monday 1, week 1 and I feel amazing! I haven’t worked out almost my whole first trimester because I was tired and nauseated but this was amazing!! I can’t wait for Wednesday!! Thank you Sadie!!! ❤️

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