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Getting Started

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Meditation, simply put, is a single point of focus. Meditation can help you calm anxieties and strength your ability to focus. But it is a practice. Please be gentle to yourself. Know that if all you can do is 1 minute, that ... more


Carolina 2mo ago
I am so excited to the start my meditation healing and practice.
Meghan 7mo ago
I’ve been following you since the beginning and have finally decided to take the plunge. I’m excited ❤️
Lexi 2y ago
I’m so incredibly grateful to have your meditation courses! I have suffered with bi polar and anxiety disorders for along time, well most of life and have tried so many different medications and therapies. But this is truly the first thing that I and the people closest to me have noticed a difference! I’m so happy to be starting this new journey and finding peace. Thank you!
Shannon 2y ago
I am loving it so far!
Tonya 2y ago
Very informative

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