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/90 Day USL Challenge
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Day 20 - Let's Love

5.0|45 min
WATCH Let’s Love (17 minutes) LISTEN to guided meditation of your choosing. PRACTICE Yoga Flow, YIN YOGA WALKTHROUGH (37 Minutes) Challenge: Set a goal and start a 2 week sugar cleanse. Today is grocery shopping day! You’ve created a meal plan and now is the time to go get all the things you need to start your 30 Day Simply Nourished Journey. WRITE journal entries for the day. -What was the last piece of food you ate that you thought negatively about? -What about the last negative thought you had about yourself connected to food? -Do you think talking to your food is crazy or will you give it a shot? -Next time you reach for food what are you going to say instead of a negative thought you have been saying?

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