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/90 Day USL Challenge
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Day 19 - Let's Let it Go

5.0|45 min
WATCH Let’s Let It Go (18 minutes) LISTEN to guided meditation of your choosing. PRACTICE Yoga Flow, INTRO YIN YOGA (13 Minutes) Challenge: Create a grocery list, be sure to include those Superfoods. WRITE journal entries for the day. -Tell me about the way you talk to your food. What foods do you consider bad? -What was the last BAD food you ate? -How long did you think about it? -Do you think your body could have enjoyed and then let go of that food if you had let it go in your brain? -Do you know how often you eat in a day? I challenge you to set an alarm every 3 hours just to see if you eat before, after, or if you get so busy you don’t even think about it!

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