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/90 Day USL Challenge
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Day 18 Let's Educate

5.0|45 min
WATCH Let’s Educate (10 minutes) MAKE a grocery list of Superfoods you’re going to get & add to your daily routine. LISTEN to guided meditation of your choosing. PRACTICE Yoga Flow, INTERMEDIATE #1 (55 Minutes) WRITE journal entries for the day: -What superfoods are you already consuming? -What meals are you making with them? What meals could you start making with them? -What superfoods would you like to add to your routine after you learned about their micronutrients? Think of some meals you can make with them! -Are you taking a multivitamin? -Do you have any health concerns that could be helped with eating certain foods? -How much water are you drinking? Is it enough? Do you struggle with getting enough water each day? Read the tips on how I like to consume water and try something new!

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