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/90 Day USL Challenge
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Day 17 Let's Macro

5.0|45 min
WATCH Let’s Macro (10 minutes) CALCULATE your Macros -MACRO MATH Just for fun. You can find the explanation of the calculations on page 15 of the guide. Step 1 Calculate TDEE _____ Step 2 Calorie Break Down 50/25/25 Carbs 50% - (.5 x TDEE = _____) Protein 25% - (.25 x TDEE = _____) Fat 25% - (.25 x TDEE = _____) LISTEN to guided meditation of your choosing. PRACTICE, Free Movement (5 minutes) WRITE journal entries for the day: -What do you think about MACRONUTRIENTS? Did you know about them before? -Does knowing that carbohydrates assist in fueling your central nervous system make you feel better about consuming them? What are your thoughts? -What did you learn from calculating your macros?

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