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/90 Day USL Challenge
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Day 16 Let's Be Real/Let's Talk

5.0|45 min
WATCH Let’s Be Real (10 minutes) WATCH Let’s Talk (6 minutes) LISTEN to guided meditation of your choosing. PRACTICE Yoga Flow, BEGINNERS #2 (43 Minutes) WRITE journal entries for the day: -WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS WITH YOUR HEALTH? Do you wish to maintain weight, lose weight, build muscle, etc.? -WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD? Do you find yourself restricting certain foods because you think they are bad for you or because someone told you they are bad? -DO YOU GIVE YOURSELF A “CHEAT MEAL”? Do you find yourself going overboard on your “cheat meal”? Do you feel like you are caught in a cycle of binge eating? -DO YOU FEEL GUILTY AFTER EATING CERTAIN FOODS? Do you find you restrict or punish yourself after eating certain foods? -DO YOU FEEL LOST AND CONFUSED AS TO HOW TO NAVIGATE WHAT YOU EAT? Do you feel like you aren’t sure what you should or shouldn’t eat? -ON AN AVERAGE DAY, WITHIN YOUR AVERAGE ROUTINE OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT DO YOU EAT? Write it all down on a separate sheet of paper

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