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Day 1 // Morning Routine

4.8|30 min|120 comments
Today I’m starting a 14 day self-love challenge. This challenge is a way to jump start your self-love journey. Whether you are just getting started or need a little support to continue your journey, I truly believe you are me... more


Jan 5mo ago
Oh my goodness thank you so much! This had me in tears it was so healing to me. I felt so close to our Heavenly Mother through your voice and guidance. I’m so grateful!
Brittani 7mo ago
I feel very refreshed and awake. I usually just wake up tired and dragging my feet but after going through this routine I feel ready.
Edwards10! 7mo ago
I'm so excited to truly dive into this! Thank you! What a blessing you have been to my life. Thank you for sharing who you are with the world.
Staci 10mo ago
This is my first time using the app and I felt a power I’ve never felt before during the morning intention meditation. I’m ready to go about my day with peace as my intention.
Melissa 1y ago
Great way to start my morning and 14day self love.. thank you fir sharing your light

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