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Weight Loss

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Cohlee 5mo ago
I am starting the full commitment to my weight loss journey this next week and I have been so anxious as to how it was going to happen, if I was going to have to worry about not losing the weight that needs to come off to help my body become healthy again. Today I found inner peace in knowing that each and every pound is something beautiful that has carried my body up until this point
Kira 7mo ago
So soothing and felt like she was speaking with me directly. Loved it.
Jenny 7mo ago
I love this meditation. It’s so beautiful and makes me feel so at peace and strengthens my love for myself!
Laura 7mo ago
First time doing meditation and I really enjoyed it. I think Sadie has a great calming voice and I love the visuals and words of affirmation she gives us to use. I'm excited to listen to her other meditations.
Jesslynn 8mo ago
This was the best way to start my morning! I loved getting still and thinking of the journey in this way. There is no end in our journey! ❤️

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