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Third Trimester

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Tabitha 1y ago
The breathing rhythm was a little off and distracting, but otherwise great
Hannah 1y ago
Wonderful! It’s just what I needed❤️
Bronte 1y ago
I just love this app! I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant & really trying to be present & grounded with myself & also with my other 3 kids. These meditations help so much & I know they will be so beneficial after birth when life gets a little more challenging. Thank you Sadie!
Tori 2y ago
So grateful for these. At the end, when you said “love is all the remains” my baby boy started kicking like crazy. 💕
Kylie 2y ago
This is my first pregnancy and I can’t thank you enough for these meditations. You’ve put into words the emotions I’m feeling and helped me to see even the difficult parts about pregnancy in a beautiful and purposeful light. Thanks you!

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