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Root Chakra Meditation

4.9|30Β min|9 comments
This meditation will help you connect with and unlock your Root Chakra.


Mara β€’ 5mo ago
Feeling so at peace with my soul after this meditation. I AM HOME. That really resonated with me. βœ¨πŸ’›
Mikayla β€’ 5mo ago
This was so good! After travelling recently I felt like I wanted a meditation to help ground me back into my home. This was absolutely perfect!!!
Brooke β€’ 10mo ago
That was beautiful. Thank you Sadie Jane. ❀️ I have skipped around the chakra meditations and have loved all of them. They make a difference in my day.
Ashlee β€’ 10mo ago
I love these meditations that allow me to visualize. I saw my roots spread under my entire house, almost like I was supporting it or protecting it. And then my roots came close to the surface of the ground around my house and plants of all variety started sprouting and growing to full maturation. It was a safe haven for my family. And the safe haven was me, and in me. I felt one with Mother Nature. Beautiful. Thank you,
Kathy β€’ 10mo ago
I needed this tonight. For this first time in awhile, tonight I felt grounded, confident, and strong in myself.

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