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Lighthouse Meditation w/ Jeff

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Join Jeff in his first guided meditation with the SSJ family. Learn to find peace and confidence amongst the outside storms and forces from people and the world.


Stephany 10mo ago
That was amazing!
Holly 1y ago
I loved this visualization!! Thank you so much ❤️
Lindsay 1y ago
I loved this, it was just what I needed today! ♥️
Kirstin 1y ago
Thank you Jeff! I needed this medication this morning. I was feeling less lan because I couldn’t get myself out of bed this morning to meditate and when Jeff gave me permission to do the meditation laying down I felt so much better. Such a beautiful presentation and imagery. I can take on the day now. Thank you.
Alicia 1y ago
Jeff that was great! Very steady & calming voice. Good job on your first meditation :)

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