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Letting Go to Heal

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Hannah 1y ago
Wow that was so beautiful, I am very emotional being pregnant with my 2nd daughter(I lost my 1st daughter in 2020) and I had no idea the sadness that was so strong was from my teenage yeats years . Thank you for that. I knew I needed to leg go of something today and this was perfect 💗your amazing and your meditations change my life.
Ariana 2y ago
This was beautiful and so healing! Probably one of the most powerful meditations I’ve done. If you let yourself fully surrender to letting go, you will feel the power and energy move through you to heal.
Staci 2y ago
WOW!!! This opened my eyes to understanding my parents in the situation. My anger was usually from miscommunication as my child mind didn’t understand that my parents were trying their best. Also, it seemed to be my way of expressing the lack of feeling loved, but I didn’t understand that as a child. I need to do this one again for other emotions!
Mara 2y ago
Beautiful and powerful ✨
Ruth 2y ago
That was pure magic, thank you for sharing ❤️✨

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