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Heart Opening Sound Bath

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Jane 2mo ago
It was beautiful!
Jadyn 6mo ago
I could physically feel how blocked my heart chakra was and could feel the blocks lifting. Moving. Releasing. Thank you Sadie ❤️
Amanda 6mo ago
Love these so much! I can feel it through my body and end with some much relaxation and positivity
Michelle 1y ago
I felt so much energy movement throughout my head and chest. My hands got tingly like blood was flowing to them like it should again. For the first time ever I was able to tune out my children playing in the background. I didn't even realize they were there after a while. I have never experienced such a calming thing in my life. At first I was uneasy and struggled concentrating but as I focused on each sound my whole body changed. Thank you Sadie
Kathy 1y ago
Really needed this sound bath today. My mind has been worrying and racing, and it just needed a break and a reset. Love this!!!!

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