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Biceps & Triceps (Ep 12.2 - Conditioning)

4.8|45 min
Welcome to workout #19 of the Conditioning part of my Lean Muscle Growth Program. Throughout this 4th weeks section, you'll be performing a lot of circuits, often with a higher rep range to help improve muscular endurance and conditioning. Keep rest times short, and select a weight that will challenge you towards the total reps shown per set, aiming to increase the weight (or add a few reps) for following sets. Each exercise is performed once within a circuit with minimal rest between each one. Then repeat the circuit again, this time, trying to challenge yourself with a heavier weight. You'll also see there is an abdominal circuit included at the end of the program. This can either be performed at the start or end of this program, or performed separately, usually first thing in the morning before eating when your gut is empty.

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