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Rob LipsettRob Lipsett
/Legs/Push/Pull 6 Day

W1/D2 Push A (chest emphasis)

4.9|60 min|5 comments
- Bench press - Dumbbell shoulder press - Incline machine press / Smith machine incline press - Side lateral Raises - Rear delt flyes - Cable Chest flyes - Tricep pushdown - Overhead tricep extensions


Nate 10d ago
had to skip the first day bc i hit legs yesterday but im locked in on this split 🙏 6’3 200 right now i’ll let you know how it goes
Joshua 6mo ago
Great workout!
GAGE 6mo ago
This guy has awesome workout always a good pump with his workouts so far
Wan 2y ago
Thank you for a great workout!
Arturs 2y ago
Aww very good shocking the muscles never done this mix before

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