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Day 4 - Face Up Game

4.7|20 min|27 comments
For the most part, post and perimeter footwork are universal. And this workout is excellent proof! When we think of facing up to the basket we often think of post players, but perimeter players actually get to the same footwork often during the course of a game. Just because you are on a different spot of the floor does not mean that the footwork is any different! In this workout we focus on: • Reverse pivots • Side jabs • Tempo


Raymond 3y ago
Brevin 4y ago
“All kidding aside, this stuff is gold!” - The Stoas
Brevin 4y ago
You’re the best, boss! - Brevin’s Dad 😃
Justin 4y ago
It was a good challenge on having to get my feet in the right place to make my shots
Conlin 4y ago
Too easy

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