Soft Girl Summer

Soft Girl Summer

A 12 Day Pilates Series

This program is a series of 12 brand new workouts designed for the busy girlies who don't have time for long, draining routines. Each workout is about 20 mins, appropriate for all levels of fitness and incorporates minimal equipment like small weights or a booty band. You’ll finish this series feeling confident, strong af and ready to make the most of your summer.

Pilates, Full Body
2 weeks program 6 days/week <30 mins
All Levels
Pilates, Full Body
2 weeks program 6 days/week <30 mins
All Levels
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A Little Bit About Me

Hey y'all! I’m Raven and I am a certified Pilates Trainer, Fitness Instructor and movement fanatic! As a former dancer, I’ve always had a passion for learning new methods of movement in order to strengthen, lengthen, and balance the body. My Pilates based workouts are designed to help you move better, feel better, and LIVE better! So if you’re ready to experience what Pilates can do for you, grab your mat and get moving with me!

    See what everyone has to say about my workouts!

    Love these workouts! Quick and effective!
    I did it! Thank you Raven and this dope ass community of strong pilates hotties.
    Omg the sweat is real
    I noticed my stamina and strength has increased. Still hard!
    Wow the sweat! Feel so good now though
    I'm sweatiiiing!! Lol I definitely have built up my strength with all of these workouts!!
    Always dripping after your workouts!
    Really enjoy all these classes. My core is getting stronger and my balance better with each class
    These bodyweight workouts have been kicking my butt!!
    I'm used to weightlifting! I'm always surprised at how much I feel your workouts!! So loving it!
    Raven is exactly the person I want to workout with. Love this program!
    I was sweating so much with this, even with multiple modifications. It always goes by fast and that's the best part!

    App features

    Set workout reminders to stay on track!
    Video Workouts
    Easy-to-follow videos for every workout in the program.
    Lifetime Access
    Once you purchase, you own the program forever!
    Complete at least one workout every week to get a streak!
    Save your favorite workouts with the click of a button.
    Stream Anywhere
    Stream to your TV and laptop using Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV.
    Set workout reminders to stay on track!

    Frequently asked questions

    I'm a beginner, is this program for me?
    Yes! This program is intended for all fitness levels.
    Do I need to use equipment?
    Only if you want to! It's totally optional but here are some things you might like to use: - light weights - booty resistance band - gliders (or paper plates) - mat
    Do I own this forever? How do I access the program?
    The program is sold as a one-time purchase therefore you own it forever and have unlimited access. The program is only available on the Playbook app which is available for download on iOS and Android. Log into the app using the email you used to complete your purchase!
    How do I know if my form is correct?
    Each exercise within the app has a video and exercise description. I walk you through the moves step by step! If you are still questioning your form, you can email my team at [email protected].

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